Small Group Opportunities

October 14, 2020 - November 18, 2020

Each Wednesday @7pm

All Small Groups Are Held Through The Zoom Platform. 

(You will need an email address, registered with Zoom, in order to sign-up)

  • The Book of Isaiah Study - Small Group

    Host/Leader: Pastor Todd Jenkins


    Isaiah (sounding out the prophet’s message)

    Our Isaiah small group, beginning October 14, will pick up with chapter 51, where our weekly WFC Bible Study left off last spring. During this small group meeting each Wednesday evening, we will walk through the text of Isaiah, verse by verse (usually covering 1+ chapters/week), briefly looking at some of its historical context, and occasionally looking at the original language and various ways it has been translated over the centuries. Anyone from scriptural study newcomers to lifelong students are welcome to listen and participate. 

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls Study - Small Group

    Host/Leader: Dr. Travis Williams


    The Dead Sea Scrolls have been described as the most important archaeological find of the 20th century. Since their discovery in 1947, this collection of over 900 manuscripts has been the subject of concentrated study and intense debate. After years of excavation, reassembly, and translation, the Scrolls have profoundly shaped  modern understandings of ancient Judaism and early Christianity. This six-week series will examine the historical origins of the Scrolls, along with their significance for later Jewish and Christian traditions.

  • Free of Me Women's Study - Small Group

    Host/Leader: Loretta Lyle


     (Why Life Is Better When it’s Not About You) In this small group, each session will have a video and a handout so each participant should walk away from the discussion knowing, feeling, and doing the point of the session.

    Session 1 - Three Myths of Self-Focus: The main focus is that as humans, we tend toward self-focus but instead we should turn our gaze onto God in order to find joy, freedom, and completion.

    Session 2 - When You Make God About You: We need to worship God as He is instead of making Him about us because if we frame our understanding of God around us, we’ll misunderstand the character of God.

    Session 3 - When You Make Family About You: By choosing obedience to God instead of self-focus in our relationships with our families, we honor God and extend love to our family members.

    Session 4 - When You make Appearances & Possessions About You: Our possessions and appearances should be used to further the kingdom of God instead of elevating our own status.

    Session 5 - When You Make Calling About God: Our calling & spiritual gifts are from God so we should pursue and exercise them in a selfless, not self-focused, way.

  • A New Normal Youth Study - Small Group

    Host/Leader: Chelsey Mitchell


    In the last few months, most of us have found ourselves asking “When will things go back to ‘normal’?” The impact of COVID-19 is likely to be with us for far longer than we think (or even want). This series seeks to help youth adjust to the many new realities of life right now.

  • Wednesday Night Kids Study - Small Group

    Host/Leader: Pam and Randy Harley


    Our first lesson will be about how we can give our worries to God during Covid-19.  The 2nd through 4th week will be The Parable about the Sower, Parable about the lost sheep & the Parable of The Sheep and Goats.