Small Group Wednesday Night Opportunities

March 3, 2021 - April 7, 2021

Each Wednesday @7pm

All Small Groups Are Held Through The Zoom Platform. 

(You will need an email address, registered with Zoom, in order to sign-up)

Join us each Wednesday on Zoom for:

Fellowship Time

Announcements and Prayer

and Small Group Studies

  • Intertestamental Period- Adult Small Group Study

    Host/Leader: Pastor Todd Jenkins


    Between the last writings of the Hebrew Scriptures (what Christians commonly call the Old Testament) and the gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth, there was a period of approximately 400 years. What was happening in and around the Holy Land during this four century window, and how might it have impacted the culture and people into which Jesus was born? 


    This is the question we’ll be exploring together during our next cycle of WFC Zoom meetings. Guided by pastor Todd, we will look at the most chronologically recent of the Hebrew Scriptures, some other Scriptures that are not in the Bibles that most of us read, and some of the socio-political and religious developments that were unfolding in the Middle East during that time. 

  • Jesus-Centered Life -Youth Small Group Study

    Host/Leader: Pastor Greg Cartwright


    LIVE Jesus-Centered Life draws teenagers into Jesus’ magnetic force as they dive deeply into his life and teachings.

    • Lesson one: Who do you say I am?
    • Lesson two: Jesus and his parables
    • Lesson three: Jesus and his best friends
    • Lesson four: Jesus and his true mission
    • Lesson five: Jesus and the supernatural
    • Lesson six: Jesus the lamb

    Each lesson challenges teenagers to think critically and figure out why they believe what they believe. And open-ended questions create room for authentic discussions that lead to hard-to-reach places 

  • Make Ready for Christmas!

    Wed. Night Kids Small Group

    Host Leader - DeAnna Bowman


    Hey Kids! Join us on Wednesday nights as we connect, laugh, and enjoy our time thinking about God in exciting new ways!

    Mrs. DeAnna will be using a devotional, Little Visits with God. I want to make this a fun time and very low key. I know we are still on our devices A LOT, even with school being back in.