Nicaragua Vida Joven

First Presbyterian Church's longtime partner for onsite international mission work and ministry.

La Vida Joven de Nicaragua (Young Life of Nicaragua) is a vibrant ministry in one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Senior Area Director Jim Hornsby and his wife, Sarah, along with a hearty team of 25 national staff, are in the midst of a long labor of love, that began 16 years ago.

Now, nearly all of the direct ministry is under Nicaraguan leadership — staff and volunteer leaders. Vida Joven unfolds in two main urban centers: the capital of Managua and the mountain town of Matagalpa. Volunteer leaders, much like those in America, spend time hanging out with kids, getting to know them, going with them to club and Campaigners and bringing them to camp, where they clearly hear the message of the Gospel.

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